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Of Proms and Drunks
Tuesday. 12.3.02 10:50 pm
Prom night. A big night. A night of dressing up, good food, hot guys in suits (some unfortunately not as hot), dancing and photos. A wonderful night for some. A bloody nightmare for the rest.

The horror begins WAY before the night itself. Three months before, you’re worrying about your date. Will your date cut it? Will he ditch you five minutes before the limo arrives? Will he like you? WILL YOU EVEN HAVE ONE?

Let’s not forget about the cost of attending such a glorious event. About RM200-300 will have to be set aside for the dress itself, another RM150 for matching sandals and bag and maybe another RM100 for the hairdo. Joy. A coupla hundred-ringgit notes which could’ve been set aside for your new electric guitar instead. And did I really forget to mention the ticket for your ribbon-bedecked chair itself? Well, that’s another RM100. Well, that’d actually depend if your date were a true gentleman, or a Singaporean.

From the minute you decide to attend till the day itself, you’ll be stressing over your dress...or your lack of one. How the hell can you be expected to find one in less than six months? If it’s not the right style, it’s not the right price. If it’s not the right price, it’s not the right cut. If it’s not the right cut, it’s not the right colour. If it’s not the right colour…you get the idea. The point is, THERE IS NO PERFECT DRESS. But you’ll have to eventually choose one. After all, bare bottoms aren’t really that becoming in photos. So you flip a coin and pick a dress. From then on, you’ll wonder, “What if I had looked some more? Would I have found IT?” But you have to accept that it’s a given rule that every dress after that will look doubly better on you and’ll cost half of what you paid for yours.

So off to the prom you go. A night of trying to look good, not smearing your makeup, perfect manners, not stepping on your date’s toes and red-eye photos. But even when it’s over, it’s not over. You’re expected to go clubbing, where you’ll drink yourself silly, dance like a monkey with two toes, have a friend puke over your less-than-perfect dress (well, you didn’t really like it after all, did you?), and spend the rest of the night with a drunk date who can’t find the way back to his car. The only good bit about that is you’ll probably be drunk too, so you won’t mind.

Prom night. A spectacular night. One to be repeated for every year you’re in secondary school. Thank god tomorrow’ll be over soon.



Let's try be reasonable.
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» Levi ( on 2011-06-09 03:03:18



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